Kenya Moore Is Excited For Today’s RHOA Episode

Kenya Moore Is Excited For Today’s RHOA Episode

Kenya Moore shared a post on her social media account, telling people that she is excited about today’s RHOA episode. Check out the message that she shared below.

‘So excited for tonight’s supersized episode on @bravotv. Meet 2 new cast members tonight! Oh, this is gonna be good! #RHOA,’ she captioned her post.

A follower said: ‘Kenya you need to rest your back always carrying these seasons chile,’ and someone else posted this message: ‘Kenya’s story is one of the most genuine on any reality tv. Though I think that Marc has been playing some dirty games, that has not deterred Kenya from trying & hoping for her marriage to work. Kenya has it in her to walk away, knowing that she has given her marriage her all. She is a strong person.’

Someone else said: ‘Kenya is about to carry another season! #KeyHive,’ and one other follower said: ‘Yesss queen Kenya will have the haters talking once again lol.’

One other follower said: ‘I love Kenya, but hasn’t she learned by now not to comment on anyone’s husband’s looks. Just say it in your head gurl!’

A commenter posted this: ‘Now Kenya!! Don’t start that her husband is cute bs again. I was just starting to like you. 🤣🤣’

One Instagrammer said: ‘Ok Kenya!!!! Let’s be nice with the husband drama! I’m still team you forever tho!!!’

A commenter said: ‘The whole black panther movement is played tf out we saw it a few months ago smh she had no storyline period,’ and someone else posted this: ‘Kenya don’t need to mention no body’s husband. Stop’

Someone else posted this: ‘Welcome back everyone!! Looking forward to this season !! Thank you!’

One other fan said: ‘@thekenyamoore Is carrying another season on her back as always @thekenyamoore You need a raise and your own show on bravo it’s about time.’

In other recent news, Kenya Moore shared a video featuring her baby girl, Brooklyn Daly.

Fans cannot have enough of this cutie pie, and they made sure to praise her in the comments like there’s no tomorrow.

Check out the clip that Kenya shared.

‘why is my mommy from the health department? LOL’ Kenya wrote.

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