Kenya Moore Impressed Fans With This Throwback Video

Kenya Moore Impressed Fans With This Throwback Video

Kenya Moore shared a video on her social media account that has fans smiling. Check out this throwback clip on her IG page here.

‘My life is so surreal!! MOORE TO COME @brandy has always been a sweetheart #beenbooked #queen #90s #soultrainawards #ladyofsoul Video credit post: @thequeenkenyamoore,’ Kenya captioned her post.

Someone said: ‘Kenya and Kandi have the longest careers❤️✊🏿 The rest are new to this.’

A commenter said: ‘I’m not saying that they wasn’t but before Kandi and Kenya got on the show they weren’t in the spotlight Kandi even said it herself when she got on the show she need to.get her career back on track and Kandi got most of her businesses because of the show she stated that plenty of times in her interview Kenya I have no words for her Cynthia got more going on then she do.’

Someone else posted this: ‘@princesskeya7 If Tiny would have never turned down Housewives we would have never seen Kandi cause they wanted Tiny Ya’ll can hate NeNe all ya’ll want, but you’ll know NeNe is the star that’s why they want her off so bad Kandi and Kenya are not friends they just doing it for the show IJS.’

A fan wrote: ‘rich people ain’t worried about what the next got going on. And btw I’m a business owner love, I haven’t worked a job in 6 years. When you got it you move different and when you don’t you tear away at others cause you’re not where you want to be. Practice love, not hate.’

A follower said that ‘I just realized how much stuff you’ve done since seeing you on housewives. You been booked and busy before the term was even popular!’

Someone told Kenya: ‘U manifested your dreams and goals without compromising your soul …. and continue to do so that is what makes you one of the most iconic women of color on the planet earth. You have a legacy that will go down in African American history. May God continue to bless you and yours. Waiting on your iconic autobiography I’m sure it will be dripping with juice.’

Kenya Moore had fans talking with this recent photo that she shared on social media. Kenya shared a photo featuring Marc Daly in bed next to their gorgeous daughter, Brooklyn Daly,

This had a lot of people saying that Kenya is back together with Marc.