Katy Perry Opens Up About Gaining Pregnancy Weight – Says She’s ‘Grateful’ For Her Body

Katy Perry Opens Up About Gaining Pregnancy Weight – Says She’s ‘Grateful’ For Her Body

Katy Perry could become a mother for the first time any day now! The singer opened up about her experience being pregnant while on the Kyle and Jackie O Australian radio show.

Since social distancing is still mostly in place, the pregnant singer was featured on the show via video chat and got candid about how she’s been while getting ready to give birth to her and Orlando Bloom’s baby daughter.

And since she was on camera during the interview, Katy Perry’s pregnancy fashion could be seen. The star was wearing a cute crop top.

When it comes to her weight, Katy Perry jokingly labeled herself as ‘large marge in charge,’ revealing that her current weight is 190 pounds!

The singer made it really clear she had no problems with her body transforming amid this period, however.

Instead, Katy stressed that ‘I’m really grateful for my body. Going through this you get a whole new viewpoint.’

Updating fans on her actual pregnancy, the celeb mentioned that at this time, ‘everything is swollen.’

‘My hands are swollen, my feet are starting to swell,’ Perry told the world on camera, going to say that she now only wears sandals pretty much everywhere she goes.

At the end of the day, however, she never lets the pregnancy actually slow her down.

She dished that ‘I’m a really active woman… and during this time of COVID – 19 and an American revolution – I’ve also been putting out some songs and also heading towards putting out a new record. I am working really hard. The one blessing is I do not have to travel extremely. I like not watching the hands of time roll by. I truly like being a mother on the move.’

Katy Perry also previously discussed possible names for the still unborn baby girl.

That being said, in case you are unaware, she’s joked before about naming her Kicky Perry, for obvious reasons.