Katy Perry Dresses Her Baby Bump In Pippa Holt Kaftan

Katy Perry Dresses Her Baby Bump In Pippa Holt Kaftan

Katy Perry has dressed her baby bump in a Pippa Holt kaftan and fans are loving the look. Katy was spotted grocery shopping on July 16, 2020, wearing the outfit and pictures of the 35-year-0ld mother to be are going viral. Katy wore Kaftan No. 16 that features a bright motif and bold pattern with vibrant colors. The outfit was the perfect garment for covering her growing baby bump, as it is believed that Katy Perry could go into labor at any moment! Katy hasn’t revealed her due date, but it is believed she will have her baby before the end of summer and many believe she may give birth before the middle of August.

Katy paired the Kaftan with canvas beach bag that she purchased from Business & Pleasure Co. The spacious bag was the perfect accompaniment for her shopping trip and provided an ecological solution for carrying groceries as opposed to using plastic bags that may ultimately end up in landfills. Katy also made sure she was safely protected from the Coronavirus by shielding her face with a mask.

She wore an MLM Label De Jour Straw Hat and protected her eyes with a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer 2140 black sunglasses. For footwear, Katy wore a pair of Marsell, Stuzzicadente Sabot Intreccio Mules. Katy’s shoes and hat were the perfect match and complemented her outfit.

Katy wore a pair of Federico Jimenez earrings. You may see a photo of Katy Perry below.

You may see more photos of Katy Perry wearing her outfit while out shopping at Vans below.

You may see a video of Katy Perry as she went grocery shopping while wearing the Pippa Holt outfit in the video player below.

What do you think about Katy Perry’s outfit? Are you a fan of the look? Are you looking forward to when Katy Perry announces that her baby girl has been born? Katy Perry has put her wedding to Orlando Bloom on hold, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, but the couple is still going strong and planning to marry as soon as possible.

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