Katie Price’s boyfriend Carl Woods hits back at ‘w****r’ troll in fiery spat

Katie Price’s boyfriend Carl Woods hits back at ‘w****r’ troll in fiery spat


Katie Price’s boyfriend Carl Woods furiously hits back at ‘w****r’ troll in fiery spat

Katie Price’s lover Carl Woods has furiously clapped back at a troll after getting embroiled in a bitter Instagram spat over his relationship

Katie Price ‘s new beau Carl Woods has hit back at a cruel troll after he received hurtful messages online.

The former Love Island, 31, got embroiled in a vicious social media spat while defending his former glamour model girlfriend.

Carl became furious when he claimed that the keyboard warrior was insinuating negative things about his relationship.

After the hunk posted a handsome snap of his glistening new teeth – which he had done in Turkey – one unimpressed user suggested that Carl was embarrassed by Katie.

They did so by claiming that he is ‘afraid’ of what others think of his 42-year-old girlfriend.

The Instagram troll wrote: “Why do you always turn comments off when you post a pic with Katie Price? Frightened of what people might say?”

The assumption did not go down well with Carl, who immediately took it upon himself to stop the cruel social media user in their tracks.

Carl warned the user to be extra careful or he may risk ruining his business’ reputation.

“Business owners should be careful when they post comments…” the star clapped back.

Trying his best to wind up Katie’s beau, the follower called him an ‘Instagram detective’ and continued to defend his ‘honest question’.

Irked by the second remark, Carl threatened to publicly shame the user when he wrote: “If I want to call you out, I’ll post you on my story for being a complete w****r.”

“It’s not an honest question when it’s followed by the [laughing emoji]. That means it’s a p**s take.

“Now you wouldn’t want me to imply people would say bad things about you being with your mrs would you?” he added.

Carl didn’t stop there though, as he made a point of slamming the business owner for taking the time out of his day to criticise celebrities.

Not giving up the fight, he furiously clapped back: “Shows what type of person you are and why would anyone want to deal with that in business. Now be on your way little man.”

Carl recently returned from a trip to Turkey after enjoying a luxury holiday with Katie and her kids Princess, 13, and Junior, 15.

While the family made the most of their time in the sun, they were faced with disaster after Katie broke her two feet following a horrific accident in a theme park.

The star is now laid up in a wheelchair for the foreseeable future, and she has revealed that she may not be able to walk for six months.