Katie Price refuses to let having two broken feet stop her looking glamorous

Katie Price refuses to let having two broken feet stop her looking glamorous


Katie Price refuses to let having two broken feet stop her looking glamorous

The former glamour model won’t let broken feet stop her from looking good as she showed off the process of jazzing up her casts with splashes of colour and plenty of glitter

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Katie Price won’t let having two broken feet stop her looking glamorous.

The 42-year-old has spruced up her look by having her casts wrapped in purple and pink bandages and sprinkled with more than a healthy dose of glitter.

The mum-of-five took to her Instagram story to share the process of her unusual makeover.

Lying back on the bed while two hospital staff worked on her casts, Katie said: “Oh look at that glitter on that foot.

“The foot that no one believes is broken!”

She then asks the staff: “Can you believe that no one believes I’ve broken my feet and ankles?”

Katie detailed the seriousness of her injuries as she captioned another video: “My new colourful casts Despite people not believing I’ve really broken my feet I really have life changing injuries”

Katie then shared a video of herself being pushed along the street in her wheelchair as boyfriend Carl Woods walked just being them.

“Fit,” she enthusiastically shouted at her man.

Katie broke both of her feet and ankles while on holiday in Turkey with Carl and her kids Junior, 15, and Princess, 13.

She revealed in a YouTube video that she had jumped over a wall to take a shortcut, but failed to realise how big the drop was on the other side.

She suffered hairline fractures and was seen screaming in agony during her trip to A&E.

She’ll need surgery and it’s thought that she might not be able to walk for up to a year.

Katie will be having urgent surgery this week.

She’s previously hit back at rumours that she was faking her injuries after she was accused of actually getting bunion surgery.

While going live on Princess’ Instagram, she said: “By the way, someone said on my Instagram, ‘Oh she has had bunions done on both feet!’

“Well, when I have the X-rays and show you, I haven’t had bunions, I have never had bunions in my life!”

Princess then said: “She’ll be in a wheelchair for three to six months – but she won’t walk for a year!”

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