Kandi Burruss Teams Up With Toya Johnson And Rasheeda Frost To Redefine The Term Boss Ladies

Kandi Burruss Teams Up With Toya Johnson And Rasheeda Frost To Redefine The Term Boss Ladies

Talk about boss ladies! Kandi Burruss is known for her many successful ventures, and it seems that she is teaming up with her good friends, Toya Johson and Rasheeda Frost, for something big.

Kandi took to social media, and she shared a spectacular photo where she posed with Rasheeda and Toya.

All three ladies looked terrific, dressed in black with their long hair cascading on their shoulders.

Kandi said this about the photo: “You gotta support other people the same or more than you want people to support you! Are all of you posting your bossy friends in these comments?”

Kandi recently did an interview where she spoke about how she learned to save money since she was a child.

She confessed: “I was a saver as a kid. That was my thing — I always wanted to make sure I had something [stashed away], you know? My mom used to drive me to the neighborhoods with big fancy houses and stuff. We’d ride around all the time and dream — like, “Oh, one day, we’re going to have a house like that.” It’s really crazy to me now that I can afford any of those houses.”

She also spoke about using Real Housewives of Atlanta to become a multi-millionaire: “When you’re first starting on reality TV, they’re not really trying to pay you much. I was like, “It’s not like I need them to be popular. I’ve already been on TV and in music before.” I didn’t think it was going to do anything for my career. I did it on a fluke. I gained a lot of fans that year, but my thoughts were [that] the money has to match my popularity. I had to make it bigger than the show.”

She added: “So I was like, “OK, every year, when they see me on the show, they will see me accomplish something.” It’s my timeline. If I speak anything on that show and say it’s something I want to do, it is a rule of thumb for me and my team — it has to happen. I am going to be a person of my word. You know how you joke about a lot of reality stars — they’re always talking about something, and you never see the product? I won’t be that girl. I don’t get a kick out of just arguing with people all day. That doesn’t do me any good. You have to find other ways to make it make sense for you.”

Kandi is a real boss when it comes to her business.