Johnny Depp’s Legal Team Questions Authenticity Of Amber Heard’s Bruised Face Photo

Johnny Depp’s Legal Team Questions Authenticity Of Amber Heard’s Bruised Face Photo

Johnny Depp’s lawyers aren’t convinced of the legitimacy of the pictures showing Amber Heard’s bruised face. Depp and his team have questioned the authenticity of the photographs in an attempt to discredit the allegations from Heard.

The actress says Johnny Depp once threw a phone at her face. According to the outlet, Page Six, Heard took the pictures to show that Depp had bruised her face amid their fight a month prior during which Heard reportedly pooped in the actor’s bed.

Heard supposedly leaving feces in Johnny’s bed is what led to their divorce. After Johnny’s maid discovered poop in the bed, Depp decided he wasn’t willing to continue with their romance. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

As it was previously reported, Depp has accused Heard or one of her friends of pooping in his bed as a prank. However, Heard says this didn’t happen. A report from Sky News says Depp’s legal team suggested Heard’s abuse photo was taken on another date or was photoshopped altogether.

The Sun, on the other hand, claims they had a team of experts look at the photo for evidence of alteration, and they found none. Reportedly, the judge will decide this coming Monday whether Johnny’s case against The Sun will continue.

On Friday, a longtime friend of Johnny Depp, Isaac Baruch, claimed he saw Heard the day after their supposed fight, suggesting the photos were completely fake. He referred to them as “phony baloney.” Followers of the case know Depp has denied allegations that he abused Heard.

Depp has accused her of being the perpetrator of violence. In other news related to the trial, The Sun’s lawyer, Sasha Wass, also accused Depp of animal abuse. Wass said in front of the judge that Depp once dangled Heard’s small dog out of the car window while driving.

Johnny says this incident didn’t happen, and that he would never find such a thing funny either. Additionally, it was discovered earlier this week that Johnny’s security guard had to buy back his phone from a homeless man after Heard tossed it out the window.