Jeffree Star Says Sorry To James Charles For Facilitating Tati Westbrook Drama

Jeffree Star Says Sorry To James Charles For Facilitating Tati Westbrook Drama

Entertainment Tonight reported today that Jeffree Star has officially apologized to his fellow beauty vlogger, James Charles. On Saturday, Jeffree posted a video in which he apologized to James for facilitating the feud between Charles and Tati Westbrook.

Currently, there are problems between Shane Dawson, James Charles, and Tati Westbrook. Each of the aforementioned individuals has either endured a recent scandal or are currently going through it now.

In a ten-minute video, Star explained how he has been silent for a long time, which is a “very rare” thing for him. You can check out the YouTuber’s post below:

As it was previously reported, Westbrook recently came out to accuse Star and Dawson of conspiring together in an attempt to have her slam James Charles, which she did last year. It was one of the biggest YouTube feuds of 2019.

Star said in his video that he fully understands how his followers and fans are expecting him to come out with his own text messages and proof of his innocence, but he chose not to entertain it. The YouTuber, however, did say much of what was being said about him right now was false.

He then went on to apologize to James Charles for the things he has said and done in the past. Regarding the allegations against his close friend, Shane Dawson, Star came to bat for him, arguing that he was one of the kindest people he ever met.

Star said Shane was a “genuine” and “selfless” person who would easily put others before himself at a moment’s notice. As it was previously reported, cancel culture came for Shane Dawson after media journalists discovered an old clip in which he jokingly sexualized Willow Smith.

Shane used his YouTube platform to apologize recently for making jokes about pedophilia, murder fantasies, wearing blackface, as well as sexualizing Willow Smith as a joke. In his apology video, Shane swore “on his life” that he was never the type of person who would think sexual thoughts about an underaged girl.