Inside Katie Price’s dating pattern as her toyboy lovers break her heart

Inside Katie Price’s dating pattern as her toyboy lovers break her heart

Katie Price has had a very colourful love life with a string of short-lived flings and three marriages under her belt.

And her romantic history seems to follow the same bizarre pattern: finding a toyboy and declaring him the love of her life before he breaks her heart.

She followed this pattern in her marriage to Kieran Hayler and her short-lived romances with Kris Boyson, Charles Drury, Leandro Penna and Danny Cipriani.

The former glamour model, 42, is currently in a relationship with former Love Island star Carl Woods, who at 31 is over a decade younger than her.

Here we take a look at Katie’s love life and the habit she can’t seem to break out of.

Danny Cipriani

Katie and Danny briefly dated in 2011 when he was just 23 and she was 33.

It all ended in tears when Katie discovered the rugby player had cheated on her and she was devastated.

In her tell-all 2013 autobiography titled Love, Lipstick And Lies, Katie opened up about the relationship.

“‘Danny,’ I said, sounding more together than I was feeling, ‘I want you to know that I forgive you, but I never forget,'” she wrote.

But she couldn’t resist a jibe at Danny’s manhood.

Katie wrote: “In my experience he was a bit – erm – lean in the most obvious departments.

“That’s why I nicknamed him Danny Chipolata. He can no longer hit the right spots on the rugby field and he certainly can’t find them on a woman.”

Leandro Penna

That same year, Katie got into a relationship with Argentinian model Leandro.

Now 34, Leandro was eight years Katie’s junior when they dated.

They got engaged in 2012 but split up not long after.

It was thought that their language barrier got in the way of their relationship going any further.

But he was less than complimentary about her, saying not long after their breakup: “I left her simply because she is crazy. Katie’s brain is not wired right, or the wires don’t connect properly.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with her.”

Kieran Hayler

Katie met in late 2012 and he proposed to her within weeks, with the pair marrying in January 2013.

At 33, Kieran is nine years younger than Katie.

Just a month after they married, Katie announced she was expecting their first child together: Jett, now six.

In May 2014, Katie revealed that Kieran cheated on her with best friend Jane Pountney, who was a bridesmaid at their wedding.

Katie was pregnant with their second child, Bunny, now five, when she discovered the affair.

It then came out that Kieran had cheated with another of Katie’s friends, Chrissy Thomas.

But Katie vowed to stick by him as he claimed he was a sex addict and began therapy, and they renewed their vows in 2015.

It all came crashing down in 2017 when Katie announced that she was divorcing Kieran after discovering emails on his phone that exposed an affair with their nanny, Nikki Brown.

Katie said at the time: “The first time out found out he cheated, I felt so heartbroken.

“This time it was just pure anger. I haven’t cried yet because I’m still in shock. I feel numb, I can’t believe he’s done it again.”

Kris Boyson

Katie met Kris in 2018, who at 30 is 12 years her junior.

Within months they were discussing marriage as she said Kris was going to propose on her 40th birthday.

After five months of dating, Kris dumped Katie before they got back together within weeks.

It looked like Katie was about to get husband number four when they got engaged in July 2019.

But they split up back in December after Katie admitted to cheating on him.

Katie claimed they were still in touch and even spoke about getting back together before he got with his current love Bianca Gascoigne.

“Although me and Kris split in December, I stayed in contact with him the whole time,” she told new! magazine.

“He told me he wasn’t seeing anyone and was single – we talked about getting married, babies and starting again. In my opinion they were false promises.”

Charlie Drury

Last summer Katie had a brief fling with Charlie, 22, who is twenty years younger than her.

It was claimed they first slept together in August and she flew him out to Turkey weeks later.

Pictures emerged of Katie and the builder in the back of a van on a night out.

Charlie claimed they had sex within hours of meeting and went on a cocaine binge, which she denied.

Katie was in a relationship with Kris at the time.

Charlie reportedly quit his job and moved in with her after just a week of dating.

But the relationship soon ended in tears when Katie went back to Kris.

Katie’s rep said at the time: “Kate is not angry with Charles. Given what she now knows about him it was inevitable he would sell a story to try to publicise himself.

“Kris and Kate are over Charles who is behaving like the little boy he is.”

Carl Woods

Katie Price gushed over her new man in her latest snap

Katie is now dating Carl, who at 32 is 11 years her junior.

The couple have only been together for four weeks but Katie has insisted that he is the one.

She wrote on Instagram : “Knowing that @carljwoods will be the last man I want to spend the rest my life with is a understatement! I love him so much.”

Katie also recently admitted they have even shared their social media passwords with each other.

Speaking in a YouTube video with Katie, Carl said: “We’re in a relationship and we have each other’s Instagrams.

“We’ve got our passwords, my Instagrams on her phone and hers is on mine so there is no inboxing or messaging anyone.”