How The Chase’s Mark Labbett lost whopping 10st with small changes as he drops more weight

How The Chase’s Mark Labbett lost whopping 10st with small changes as he drops more weight

How The Chase’s Mark Labbett lost whopping 10st with small changes as he drops more weight

Mark Labbett is best known for his role on hit ITV daytime quiz show The Chase where he has starred as The Beast since 2009

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Mark Labbett discusses his 10 stone weight loss in 2021

The Chase ‘s Mark Labbett has lost a staggering amount of weight over the last few years, just by making small changes.

The quiz star has managed to shed a huge 10st, which he admitted really started through the coronavirus lockdown.

And in his latest social media update, Mark, 57, appears as though he has dropped even more weight as she showed off his slimmed-down frame.

He’s best known for being The Beast on the hit ITV daytime quiz show and has been on a mission to lose weight for years after reaching 29st at his peak.

It got to the point where he was diagnosed as being diabetic and having skin that didn’t heal on his legs properly.

In his most recent Instagram offering, the TV star posed for a selfie while sporting a navy-blue suit and light pink shirt as fans praised him for his epic weight loss journey.

The much-loved TV star could be seen jokingly posing with his mouth wide open to suggest he’s shocked or excited while filming.

Mark has come a long way on his weight loss journey in recent years, but how did he manage to shed the weight?

Mark has stunned fans with a brand-new snap


( Instagram)

Mark said he made small differences


( @MarkLabbett/Twitter)

It was back in 2003 that Mark reached his heaviest at 29st when he working as a full time teacher before joining the ITV show.

At that point it started to affect his health and he was ‘on the verge of getting high blood pressure pills’, according to The Express.

He managed to lose some weight here and there over the next few years but he admitted it was just before lockdown that he started losing weight dramatically.

Mark said: “Several factors came together nicely and the weight has just fallen off. The principal thing has been running after a hyperactive three year old in lockdown when the nurseries were shut.

“Instead of going to the fridge for a bit of late-night snacking all I could do was just collapse on a heap on the bed.”

Mark changed up his diet and instead of eating ‘pub meals’, he swapped this for a high protein diet as well as reducing the amount of sugar he consumes.

Mark contracted Covid in the pandemic

However, he has admitted that he misses his old diet which consisted of onion rings and garlic bread.

The quizzer tested positive for Covid at one point through the pandemic which he admitted also helped him with his weight loss journey.

The star lost his sense of small and taste for two weeks which caused him to eat less than he usually would.

Mark has now managed to get himself down to 19st, while he stands tall at 6 foot 6.

He appeared on Loose Women in March 2021 where he revealed how he managed to shed 10st.

He explained that it was a gradual process where he dropped ‘Xs’ off his size, starting at 5XL but at that point he thought he’d be shopping for XL trousers the next time.

Mark joined The Chase in 2009

Mark in 2017


( FilmMagic)

Mark explained that despite getting a huge result, it was just small changes that got him to where he is.

He described it as ‘small thinks but important things’.

After being diagnosed with diabetes back in 2017 due to his leg issue, he lost enough weight to almost be diagnosed again as non-diabetic.

However, he said he ‘let himself go a bit’ because he didn’t know how close he was to this at the time but he is still determined to stay fit and healthy.

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