Hayden Panettiere’s Ex-Boyfriend Brian Hickerson Pleads Not Guilty To Domestic Abuse Charges

Hayden Panettiere’s Ex-Boyfriend Brian Hickerson Pleads Not Guilty To Domestic Abuse Charges

Page Six learned today that the ex-boyfriend of Hayden Panettiere, Brian Hickerson, pled not guilty to felony assault charges not long after he was booked on Thursday.

People Magazine was the first to report that the 31-year-old pled not guilty to all of the charges against him, including corporal injury on a spouse, assault with a deadly weapon, and also a misdemeanor battery charge. Brian was slapped with multiple counts of several of the aforementioned charges.

Fans of Hayden know that just two days before he was apprehended, the Nashville star, 30, requested a restraining order even though she was living outside of the state he was in. Hayden and Hickerson’s issues of domestic violence has been in the headlines before.

As it was previously reported, Hayden’s demand for a restraining order occurred just five months after he allegedly attacked her on Valentine’s Day. He was arrested for that incident as well.

On her Instagram account earlier this week, Hayden wrote that she was coming forward with her own stories of abuse in the hopes other people would do the same. Moreover, Hayden claimed she was going to “do her part” in ensuring Hickerson wasn’t able to hurt another person again.

As it was already noted above, Hayden filed a restraining order against Hickerson earlier this month. The reports came shortly after it was reported by Charisse Van Horn that her ex-boyfriend, Wladimir Klitschko, had been offering his support amid her brutal breakup.

According to Van Horn, Wladimir lives in Ukraine along with Hayden’s daughter with him, Kaya. Fans on social media have been in the actress’s corner, with many arguing that it was time for her to move on from Brian and get a new man.

One social media commenter wrote, “Hayden can do so much better than this, and she should. Enough is enough.” Social media users have also speculated on the nature of some of her tattoos, including one Egyptian symbolism tattoo that fans believe was meant to signify protection.

Hayden fans believe she was inspired to get the tattoo due to her experiences with Hickerson.