Gregg Wallace shares inspiration behind his jaw-dropping 4-stone weight loss

Gregg Wallace shares inspiration behind his jaw-dropping 4-stone weight loss


Gregg Wallace didn’t want his wife to have ‘fat, old husband’ before shedding 4 stone

MasterChef star Gregg Wallace has given his reasons for shedding a huge four stone as he starts to take better care of his health for his family’s sake

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Gregg Wallace’s staggering body transformation has had the star parading his abs and flexing his muscles as he celebrates his fitness journey.

But for Gregg, getting into shape – and managing to shed a huge four stone – hasn’t just been about looking good for the camera.

He used to hit the booze most days and indulge in takeaways, his weight reaching 16.5 stone before his major lifestyle overhaul.

He did it for his family – especially wife Anne-Marie Sterpini.

Gregg, 55, tied the knot with Anne, 34, tied the knot in 2016, and now share 16-month-old tot Sid.

Having got in touch on Twitter, the pair met up in person before striking up a romance.

“Anne being younger than me was even more of an inspiration to be fit,” Gregg remarked, “you can have an old husband but she didn’t have to have a fat, old husband.”

And Sid gives him workout inspo too, wanting to be healthy for his little lad.

“Having my baby boy made me want to be fit and strong,” he shared with Closer, “I can now go for long walks, which I wouldn’t have been able to do before.”

Lockdown’s helped Gregg with his workouts as well, giving him more time than ever to get lean from home.

And while he refuses to go a full week without enjoying a pint, Gregg says it doesn’t bother him – because most of the time he feels “fit as a butcher’s dog.”

Gregg regularly shows off the progress he’s made on his Instagram page, encouraging others to work up a sweat.

“If I can lose 4 stone I can show you how to lose 1 stone easy!” he wrote.

Over lockdown, he shared his biggest and best tips to get in shape.

Gregg told the Mirror: “I know what an enormous difference exercise can make to your life.

“That’s why I want to share my passion for fitness with others now, during such a tough time.