Gordon Ramsay’s daughters sip cocktails and sunbathe on luxury holiday in Dubai

Gordon Ramsay’s daughters sip cocktails and sunbathe on luxury holiday in Dubai


Gordon Ramsay’s daughters sip cocktails and sunbathe on luxury holiday in Dubai

Tilly and Megan Ramsay have flown to the UAA for a break in the sunshine before Christmas. They have been sharing updates with their followers as they live it up on holiday

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Gordon Ramsay’s daughters Tilly and Megan have jetted off for a luxury pre-Christmas holiday in Dubai.

The siblings headed to the UAE last week and have been sharing pictures from their trip as they soak up the sun.

Tilly, 19, shared snaps of herself sunbathing and sipping cocktails by the pool, alongside her sister Megan, 22.

They both shared a video of their night out at the luxury hotel Atlantis The Palm, and they even headed to one of their dad’s restaurants.

Tilly posted a video which showed the siblings enjoying a breakfast of fruit and pastries at Gordon’s Bread Street Dubai eaterie.

The holiday comes after a tumultuous year for the family as they angered residents of Cornwall by fleeing London and holing up in their luxury holiday home there for lockdown.

The Mirror exclusively revealed the celebrity chef had whisked his wife Tana and their five children to their estate in the west country when restrictions first came in back in March.

One neighbour told us: “We live in a spacious area, so second home owners have decided to come here even though MPs have asked them to stay away.

“There are a lot of elderly people down here – it’s an elderly population, the average age is 65 to 85, with a lot of people living alone.

“It’s a scary time. I think it’s up to celebrities to set a good example, not run off to their country homes.”

The move came just days after Ramsay laid off around 500 employees at his restaurants amid the coronavirus crisis.

A neighbour told us many residents have concerns about wealthy second home owners who have been flocking to the area since the coronavirus outbreak hit the UK.

The outrage continued during the family’s stay in Cornwall, with the chef even being given a warning by local officials after racing around the region on his bike.

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