Eva Marcille Addresses Pregnancy On Social Media – See The Video

Eva Marcille Addresses Pregnancy On Social Media – See The Video

Eva Marcille shared some thoughts about pregnancy on her social media account and fans commented about the subject as well. Check out her post below.

‘Hey Life doesn’t stop for you when you’re pregnant, but somehow women find a way to get it all done. 💪 Comment your pregnancy story and don’t forget to stream Expecting Amy on HBO Max! #ad #ExpectingAmy @hbomax @maxpop,’ Eva captioned her post.

Women shared all kinds of stories in the comments.

Someone said: ‘Baby #2 I was going to the doctor twice a week for a 2 vessel cord, meanwhile my husband worked 2nd shift so i also had to take care of the other 3 kids by myself and i worked weekends. Sooo, I had one high-risk doctor and then my regular Ob. I had to be induced at 37 weeks since she reached a peak weight and they didn’t want her umbilical cord to stop working. I went to ve induced and the Dr. hands me off to his midwife because he had to see patients the next day and I wasn’t progressing.’

A commenter posted this: ‘This is amazing! I was high risk and delivered very early. Very thankful for our healthcare workers because of them I now have a happy and healthy 11-year-old ❤️,’ and one other follower said: ‘I have one for you..Had tubes tied June 2000..Had a baby nov 13 2005. They said he was a tummy virus. The flu..Very difficult delivery and months of recovery.I wanna find the Doc who tied my tubes and have him pay child support.’

A follower said: ‘My pregnancy was beautiful! I enjoyed every ache, pain & movement I felt.. Our bodies are amazing. 💙’

Someone else posted this message: ‘I was almost three months when I found out I was pregnant. Bed rest at 3months it was terrible. I gained so much weight, which was water i was almost 400lbs uugghh. On top of that, gestational diabetes and was on a diet. A pregnant woman on a diet, and I’m totally serious. I had to prick my finger three times a day plus take curving pills on top of the vitamins. Had him a month early due pre-eclampsia 7lbs 4oz 19.25 inches and healthy with little jaundice. He turned four last month and he is a fireball with no limits.’

You can check out more stories on Eva’s official IG account.

In other news, Eva Marcille shared a video on her social media account featuring two sisters, and she’s telling fans that we have to keep out faith through these hard times amidst the global crisis.