Erica Mena Blows Fans’ Minds With Another Thirst Trap, Leaving Nothing To The Imagination

Erica Mena Blows Fans’ Minds With Another Thirst Trap, Leaving Nothing To The Imagination

Erica Mena‘s fans have been getting all kinds of juicy pics from the star and they simply cannot get enough of her. People now understand why Safaree is such a lucky man, just like he’s always repeating on his social media account.

He also makes sure e to hop in Erica’s comments section and praise here there as well like there’s no tomorrow.

Erica makes fans happy with a new photo that she just dropped on social media in which she looks just like always – divine! Check it out below.

‘I’m just here trying to master up my two under two ✌🏾😉 @fashionnova FashionnovaPartner,’ Erica captioned her post.

Safaree jumped in the comments and praised his wife as well, but also said that things that cannot necessarily be reproduced here. You’ll see them in the comments on IG.

Someone told him: ‘cover-up your wife and ask the Lord for her forgiveness. Many blessings to your family ‘

The same person continued and said: ‘it’s a Holy Modest Christian thing. Sorry, you don’t understand. He should ask God to forgive his wife for displaying her temple that should be only to him. The devil is wandering all through their blessings right now tempting them and they are following like sheep. They need our prayers so this Unity will last for the blessed baby girl and her future. Gods sees all things but it’s up to us to do right while in God’s vision. Erica’s lack of modesty should bring her shame but It Does Not. @safaree needs to pray for her.’

A follower said: ‘and as a Christian, YOU should not be judging! Let them live their lives the way THEY CHOOSE to live it!’

The same person who judged the couple hopped back in the comments and posted this: “Show and quote me where I judged. I made a suggestion, answered a question, and offered prayers. How you fit into the convo is your doing. Now that I’ve responded to you, I must move on to pray for others. I appreciate your concern nevertheless. God Bless you.’

Other than this, Erica‘s fans gushed over her figure in the comments.