Emma Roberts Shows Off Burgeoning Baby Bump In Black Mini Dress

Emma Roberts Shows Off Burgeoning Baby Bump In Black Mini Dress

Emma Roberts is showing off her burgeoning baby bump in a little black, mini-dress as the 29-year-old pregnant actress was spotted in the Los Feliz neighborhood in California. Recently announcing that she was pregnant with her first child, fans are anxious to see Emma’s baby bump. Emma is expecting a baby with boyfriend Garret Hedlund and was spotted out holding a drink by a newsstand. Though Emma’s baby bump isn’t that big, the dress offered a bit more room around her middle and it was clear to see that she is getting a bit rounder in her midsection.

Emma hasn’t revealed how far along she is or when her due date is, but it seems that she may still be in the first trimester. Emma looked fashionable and wore a white teeshirt with a black dress. Though she has a slight baby bump, if people didn’t know she was pregnant they most likely wouldn’t suspect judging from her look in the mini dress.

For a purse, Emma carried an Akris, Aicon Leather Tote Bag with embossed detailing in red. The purse costs approximately $2000.

Making sure she was safe from the Coronavirus pandemic, Emma Roberts paired the look with an Ahida Correale face mask. For footwear, Emma wore Alexander McQueen Tread Slick boots in black. She protected her eyes with a pair of Marc Jacobs 488 sunglasses.

You may see Emma Roberts as she was photographed in Los Feliz below.

You may see a close-up of Emma Roberts growing baby bump in the photo below.

What do you think about Emma Roberts’ outfit and her growing baby bump? It is too early to know for sure whether Emma is having a boy or girl and at this point, it is unclear whether Emma will speak out publicly about her pregnancy and how it is going along. At this point, it appears that Emma wants to keep things private.

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