Emily Andre felt like a ‘horrible parent’ after daughter’s horror bath incident

Emily Andre felt like a ‘horrible parent’ after daughter’s horror bath incident


Emily Andre felt like a ‘horrible parent’ after baby Amelia’s horror bath incident

Emily Andre opened up about the terrifying moment her daughter Amelia, six, almost drowned in the bath as a baby – and she was left feeling responsible for the accident

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Peter Andre ‘s wife Emily revealed she felt like a “horrible parent” after witnessing her daughter Amelia almost drown in the bath as a baby.

The 30-year-old NHS medic opened up about the horrific incident in an honest chat about motherhood in her OK! column.

She brought the incident to light after TOWIE babe Danielle Armstrong said she felt terrible when she accidentally cut her two-month-old daughter Orla as she tried to file her nails.

Emily reassured Danielle as she revealed she has been in a similar scary situation when her daughter, who is now six, flipped over in the bath – and sank below the water.

“I think every parent will have gone through a situation where they’ve ended up feeling like a horrible parent, even though what happened was a complete accident,” Emily wrote.

“I remember when Millie [Amelia] was a few months old and she was in the bath, she tried to flip over and all of a sudden she went under the water and swallowed a load.

“It was really shallow and I obviously grabbed her straight away, but she was sick afterwards and so distressed, it was horrible.”

The wife of Peter Andre, who has been married to the Mysterious Girl singer for five years, shared her traumatising moment of parenting after she heard about Danielle’s.

And reality star Danielle, 32, who gave birth to her baby girl in May, recently took to her Instagram to share the horrifying ordeal.

She admitted she “felt sick” after hearing her baby cry when she clipped her nails for the first time and accidentally cut her skin.

The star told her fans on her Instagram Story: “I literally just had the most traumatic experience.

“I noticed Orla had a little scratch in the corner of her eye so I thought, ‘right I need to cut her nails – they are growing’.

“Now Tom always clips his nails so I thought he would be better at doing them than me. So I am holding her, she is in the bath, I am holding her hand.

“Tom clips the thumbnail and he catches a bit of her skin. The scream honestly, I can’t even cope, and there was a tiny little bit of blood – I felt sick, I actually felt sick.”

Traumatised Danielle revealed she will file Orla’s nails in future to avoid clipping her delicate baby skin.

She then joked: “We are bad parents – I think I need a drink. This is what happens with parenthood.”

The couple welcomed their bundle of joy into the world at 4.30pm on May 26, weighing 8lbs 11oz after a 72-hour labour at Broomsfield Hospital in Chelmsford.

Brave Danielle admitted she was in hospital by herself due to the coronavirus.

In a YouTube video about her gruelling labour, Danielle revealed: “Because of coronavirus, Tom couldn’t be with me so I was in hospital on my own.”

The couple seem to be adjusting to life with their new baby very well, and Danielle has enjoyed sharing snaps of their gorgeous daughter on Instagram.

Speaking about the special moment she gave birth, the reality star said: “All I remember is her eyes so open. Like I thought she was going to be like her eyes shut but her eyes were just staring – she looked straight at me.”

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