Ellie Goulding hasn’t seen mum in a year and admits relationship ‘isn’t fixable’

Ellie Goulding hasn’t seen mum in a year and admits relationship ‘isn’t fixable’


Ellie Goulding hasn’t seen mum in a year and admits relationship ‘isn’t fixable’

The iconic singer has opened up about having a difficult relationship with her mum and revealed that she even sought therapy

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Ellie Goulding has revealed that she hasn’t seen her mum since her wedding last year and they share a fraught relationship.

The iconic Starry Eyed songstress, 33, even sought therapy as her relationship with her mum Tracey broke down last year.

Speaking to the Independent, the blonde bombshell admitted that their relationship so far hasan’t been ‘fixable’.

Ellie also explained that Tracey ‘became quite threatening’ over the last time she spoke publicly about their relationship.

It comes months after Ellie’s mum Tracey was embroiled in an tense social media exchange where she was branded a racist by I’m A Celeb star Myles Stephenson.

“It’s frustrating,” Ellie recently told the Independent, “because I really want to talk to you about it.

“But she became quite threatening when I did talk about her in the press. Discussing her was a disaster.

Ellie appeared reluctant to talk to her mum during the interview, admitting they hadn’t been in touch.

“I haven’t seen my mother since my wedding last year. I’ve done a lot of therapy about it because what I thought was fixable isn’t fixable.

During her interview, Ellie also added that a number of women had difficult relationships with their mothers – and remained hopeful that she would clear the air in the future.

She added: “I hope one day I’ll be able to get this off my chest. But for now I know it comes bubbling through my subconscious, through my music.”

At the start of the year, Tracey was caught up in a tense exchange with television personality Myles Stephenson and slammed for racism.

The feud stemmed from a comment Tracey made on Twitter, where she wrote: “Didn’t notice it so much on [the] jungle but what’s with #myles #gmb trying to sound like a black dude??”

It is unclear whether Myles knew that he was replying to Ellie Goulding’s mum, but he fired back: “Please tell me what a “black dude” sounds like Trace?”

Tracey eventually apologised and then deleted her social media.

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