Dwyane Wade Is The Proudest Dad – See What He Did For Zaya!

Dwyane Wade Is The Proudest Dad – See What He Did For Zaya!

Dwyane Wade is the proudest dad these days. He showed his IG fans and followers what he created for daughter Zaya, and fans could not be happier to see such a strong bond between them. Check out Dwyane’s post below.

‘Proud pops moment for me creating these shoes for @zayawade #Wow8 #pride🌈’ Dwyane captioned his photo.

Someone told him, ‘When I become a father, I hope to be like you 🙏🏼 #rolemodel,’ and another follower said: ‘What an amazing family and support system! Life would be so simple if we all could just learn to LOVE.’

One other fan posted this: ‘ignore the transphobes. This is beautiful.’

A hater hopped in the comments and said: ‘That’s not a girl don’t care what no one says that a man. I also think it’s nasty how DWade alienated the kid’s mom and treated her like waste when his baby mom and her mom did everything for him growing up when he was going thru it. Also how they are out tryna promote the kid like a product just let the kid be a kid.’

Another follower said: ‘She is so lucky to have you as parents! And you are SOOOOOOO lucky to have her!’ and one other commenter posted this message: ‘if you hate on her you’re just really sad. let the child live her life the way she intends and envisions.’

One follower said: ‘Y’all may clown him for this but you can’t deny that he’s a good ass father,’ and another follower posted this message: ‘Imagine hating on a father for loving his child unconditionally.’

Another commenter said: ‘Keep your fatherless, loveless low life comments to yourself.’

Dwyane Wade could not be prouder of his daughter Zaya. He made this amazing photo shoot of Gabrielle Union, and she did it all before she turned 13 years old.