Donald Trump’s Niece Mary Says The President Uses ‘Anti-Semitic Slurs’ And The ‘N-Word’

Donald Trump’s Niece Mary Says The President Uses ‘Anti-Semitic Slurs’ And The ‘N-Word’

Mary Trump, the president’s niece, appeared on Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC program on Thursday night to market her brand new book.

According to a report from Hot New Hip Hop, Mary says she comes from a family in which “knee-jerk” racist comments and bigotry toward black people and Jewish people are the norm. She didn’t have the same way of thinking as her family and didn’t share the same ideas either, Mary explained.

Trump says after she moved away from her family, including in Jamaica, Queens, and then in Forest Hill, Queens, she developed more of a diverse outlook on life. Put simply, Mary claims she has more of an open mind regarding issues of religion and race.

When asked if she ever heard the president use anti-semitic and racist language, she responded, “oh yeah, of course, I did.” Mary went on to say it probably doesn’t come as a surprise due to how racist a man he is today.

Trump has been accused by many in the political establishment, the entertainment industry, and in the mainstream media, of using racist language. However, a frequent point of mockery for the US president is his orange hair color.

Nick Markus reported earlier this year that it appears as though Trump is letting his hair turn grey. The reporter observed new photos of the politician in which his hair apparently looked a lot more natural and grey.

There exist theories regarding the president’s hair change as well, including one that claims he might be trying to look more like Joe Biden as the election draws nearer. According to Markus, Donald appeared at a conference earlier this week regarding China.

After outlets published the photographs of Trump at the conference, social media users began speculating on his change of style. Many argued that he actually looks a lot better with natural-looking hair, while others accused him of being “desperate.”

As it was noted above, Trump’s hair has always been a point of mockery for his detractors. However, his defenders often use the meme “orange man bad,” as a way of mocking their criticisms.