Donald Trump Says He Won’t Mandate A Nationwide Mask-Wearing Law

Donald Trump Says He Won’t Mandate A Nationwide Mask-Wearing Law

Even though Donald Trump has continued facing massive pressure from the media and the political establishment to be more pro-active in the fight against the coronavirus, the controversial president has made it clear he doesn’t plan on enforcing a nationwide mask rule.

Hot New Hip Hop reported on comments from the Republican politician today in which he admitted he had no plans to mandate the use of masks around the United States. In a new interview scheduled to come out later today for Fox, the president made his argument.

During his conversation with Chris Wallace from Fox News, Trump claimed he didn’t want to mandate the use of masks, because he wants Americans to continue having some of their basic freedoms.

Reportedly, Trump disagreed with the sentiment from Dr. Robert Redfield regarding the issue of face masks. Redfield, who is the director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has argued that a mask law would eliminate the virus in 4-6 weeks.

Trump clearly said he didn’t agree. Mr. Trump went on to reference past comments from some of the nation’s health experts, including their Surgeon General and Dr. Fauci, who have previously claimed masks were inefficient and often improperly worn.

The president claims masks come with their own batch of problems as well. Even though he’s not open to the idea of forcing American citizens to wear them, he did claim he supported the use of them in sensitive situations.

As it was previously reported, Trump has been vehemently against demanding Americans to wear masks since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak. However, he has been open to wearing them in specific situations, including in hospitals.

After he visited the Walter Reed Medical Center in Maryland, the president made the point already mentioned above. “But I do believe they have a time and a place,” the president remarked.

Trump has been in the headlines for other reasons in the last few weeks as well, including his reported low polling numbers. Pop stars such as P!nk, as well, poked fun at the low turn-out for his rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma.