Cynthia Bailey Has The Best Solutions For Ladies’ Summertime Skincare Needs

Cynthia Bailey Has The Best Solutions For Ladies’ Summertime Skincare Needs

Cynthia Bailey made a lot of fans happy when she shared the following post. She’s addressing the ladies who need the best solutions for their summertime skin care needs.

‘Hey guys! Make sure you visit @ambiskincare for all of your summertime #skincare needs. AMBI’s #NextGreatFaceSearch contest is wrapping up super strong! From submissions to voting, everyone has been phenomenal! With that said, we will be announcing #ambiskincare ‘s Top 10 Finalists…VERY SOON. WHO WILL THEY BE?! Find out on Monday, July 20th. One could be you?! Until then, stay #AmbiBeautiful 💋 Cynthia’ she captioned her post.

Someone said: ‘I love AMBI’s products for my beautiful dark skin 👸🏽 it’s the best skincare for me,’ and one other follower posted this message: ‘I hope the moisturizer is back! they took all the good ambi off of the shelves.’

Another follower wrote: ‘I love that product I use it every morning my face,’ and someone else said: ‘Only product I use for my face wash regimen.’

A fan told Cynthia: ‘I had a dream about this soap last night. It was the o my one on the shelf in a store that was ravaged like the Armageddon had to happen and I was looking for soap and lotion. Never found the lotion but this was the o my soap in the entire store and it wasn’t on the ethnic aisle. True story. Last night’s dream.’

Someone sales aid: ‘Love most of Cynthia’s hairstyles, but, these braids look hot, heavy and resemble a rug.’

One other follower posted this message: ‘Pretty! Whatever happened to you and Mike hooking up folks lol.’

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Cynthia Bailey is one of the celebrities who expressed their regret.