Corrie’s Jack P Shepherd snubbed by Martin Kemp after ‘awful’ and ‘awkward’ encounter

Corrie’s Jack P Shepherd snubbed by Martin Kemp after ‘awful’ and ‘awkward’ encounter

Corrie’s Jack P Shepherd snubbed by Martin Kemp after ‘awful’ and ‘awkward’ encounter

Jack P Shepherd, who plays David Platt in Coronation Street, has detailed his incredibly ‘awful’ and ‘awkward’ encounter with former EastEnders actor Martin Kemp after the pair were brought together at a recent festival

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Coronation Street share clip of Jack P. Shepherd’s first ever episode

Coronation Street star Jack P Shepherd has opened up about his ‘awful’ encounter with pop star and Celebrity Gogglebox favourite, Martin Kemp.

The actor, who plays David Platt on the ITV soap, was left red-faced when he posed for a snap with former EastEnders star Martin, 60, – and it was all down to the fact that Martin didn’t have a clue who Jack was.

The 34-year-old soap star was over the moon to have met his acting idol at Knutsford’s Tatton Park, where Martin was hosting an Eighties night. But he was ultimately left disappointed after the brief encounter as he discovered that the Spandau Ballet legend didn’t know who he was.

The entire encounter left a bitter taste in Jack’s mouth after he told the event organisers that he ‘didn’t know’ Martin, when they asked him to pose alongside him in a snap for social media.

The Corrie actor lifted the lid on the awkward meeting on The Sofa Cinema Club podcast – which he hosts with co-stars Colson Smith and Ben Price.

The Corrie star was left red-faced after meeting Martin Kemp


( jackpshepherd88 / Instagram)

Jack met Martin at a festival recently



“I went to Tatton Park for Martin Kemp’s 80s night, he’s doing a DJ set,” he explained.

“We’re all there waiting and the organisers come over and say, ‘Jack – will you have a photo with Martin backstage?’ I’ve gone, ‘No, I don’t know him, I’ve never met him …’ and they go, ‘Oh please, it’s just to put up on the social.’

“So I’ve gone, ‘OK, fine.’ I feel really aggy about doing a photo with someone I don’t know. I’m walking backstage with the photographer that’s there and we’re making small talk. He’s talking about my aftershave, going, ‘That’s nice.’

“We’re counting the seconds until Martin arrives. He’s not even here yet. The car pulls up and he’s on in 10 minutes. He’s still eating a tuna sandwich.

Martin appears on Gogglebox alongside his son, Roman


( Samir Hussein/WireImage)

Jack maintains that Martin had ‘no idea who he was’


( Dave Benett/Getty Images for Scholastic Books)

“He has no idea who I am. So, I’m there just sort of stood looking at Martin. The organisers go, ‘Martin, can we just get a picture with you and Jack?’ And he sort of looks and goes, ‘Yeah … hi.’ I’m like, ‘Hi, Martin.'”

Things then went from bad to worse as Jack ruined Martin’s outfit halfway through their ‘awful’ encounter.

The Coronation star explained: “I’ve shook his hand and gone to put my arm around him and I’ve looked down and I’ve stood on his shoe. I’m in a muddy field with massive boots on. He’s got pristine, white trainers on. I’ve stood on his shoes and I’ve looked. Forget it – mud.

“I’m smiling doing the photo and I’ve gone, ‘Sorry, I just stood on you there.’ He’s gone, ‘Don’t you worry about it.’

Jack was left mortified after the awkward encounter

“”I’ve gone, ‘Yep.’ Then I’ve gone, ‘Hey Martin, good luck out there tonight,’ and he’s gone, ‘Yeah.’ Then I turned around and walked off. [He’s probably thought] ‘you’ve stood on my shoe, you’ve said something f * **ing weird.’

“He didn’t know what was going on. I don’t know [if he knew who I was] and I wasn’t stopping to tell him. I just thought, ‘Get in, get out.'”

“It was awful. It was so bad. I knew instantly when they asked me. I knew not to go up. I thought, ‘This is only going to end bad.’ I was just chatting s**t to him. I didn’t want to be there.”

We’ve all been there Jack!

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