Celeb A-Levels… boffins Geri Horner and Tinie Tempah to drop out Russell Brand

Celeb A-Levels… boffins Geri Horner and Tinie Tempah to drop out Russell Brand


Celebrity A-Levels… from boffins Geri Horner and Tinie Tempah to drop out Russell Brand

As teenagers across the country find out their A-Level grades, Mirror Online takes a look at how your favourite celebs fared….

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Spare a thought for nervous college students who are opening their A-Level results today amid the chaos of Covid-19.

Unable to sit their exams due to the pandemic, 18 year olds across the country were instead graded by their teachers according to their pre-lockdown attainment.

But Schools Minister Nick Gibb warned that 40 percent of those predicted grades have since been ‘revised’ – many of them downwards – as part of a ‘standardisation process’.

But while A-Levels are essential if university is your next desired step, there are plenty of other options out there whether you get the results you want or not.

Just look at Geri Horner. She scored an A in English language at Camden School for Girls but didn’t bother with uni and instead became a Spice Girl.

Geri Horner achieved impressive grades but skipped uni to become a Spice Girl

And acclaimed Channel 4 journalist Jon Snow only managed to get a C in English language and failed geography and biology completely.

He eventually switched college and managed to “scrape a place reading law at the University of Liverpool.”

“I was really chuffed I got any A-levels at all, I was a complete dunderhead,” he once said.

Here’s how the rest of the celebs fared on A-Level day…

Tom Daley

Tom Daly isn't just a talented sportsman

Despite training around the clock for his Olympic diving career, Tom still managed to earn As in photography, Spanish and maths.

He then topped that with a bronze medal in the London 2012 Olympics.

Tinie Tempah

Tinie Tempah scored heartily in his exams

He’s got so many clothes her keeps them at his aunt’s house, and he’s also got a secret raft of qualifications too.

Before finding fame in the music biz, he studied media studies, religious studies and psychology and earned two Bs and a D.

Prince William

Years at Eton College helped William become learned

Wills is quite the brain box as one would expect after years at Eton.

He scored an A in geography, a B in art and a C in biology.

Duchess Kate

Duchess Kate is a bigger brainbox than her husband

You wouldn’t want to take the Cambridges on in a game of Trivial Pursuit given their combined powers of intelligence.

Kate actually out-performed her husband, earning As in maths and art and a B in English.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry was never a fan of the school environment

Action-man Harry was never one for academia but still managed to earn a respectful B in art and a D in geography.

He ditched his third subject after AS level stage at Eton.

Emma Watson

Superbrain Emma Watson is even smarter than her Harry Potter character

She was brainy in Harry Potter and she’s even brainier in real life having gained straight As in English literature, geography and art in 2008.

She even took her exams at the same time as shooting the film.

Russell Brand

Russell Brand dropped out without a single A-Level - and he's certainly not sorry

Rusty Rockets is particularly proud of the fact he didn’t managed to obtain a single A-Level.

“Good luck with your exams but don’t take it seriously – I have no A-Levels and am now studied for A-Level, it’s all rhubarb,” he tweeted.

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