“CBS This Morning” goes inside the debate on reopening schools

“CBS This Morning” goes inside the debate on reopening schools

The “CBS This Morning” series School Matters takes a comprehensive look at the debates over how schools are returning in the fall. Through September, the series will make sense of the debates unfolding over reopening schools safely and remote learning, starting with expanded coverage on Monday at 8 a.m.

School Matters will feature interviews with parents, students, educators and medical experts, as well as some big names who have long advocated for the importance of education.

As a part of Monday’s special coverage, Dolly Parton, a music legend who’s made it her mission to get more books into the hands of children, will join the show live.

“Education is so important to me that I started my own Imagination Library, where we give books to children from the time they are born once a month until they start school, so they can learn to read,” she said. “Everybody needs to be educated.”

CBS News also wants to hear from you. Whether your school is opening for in-person or remote learning, what questions do you have about school this year? Email them to [email protected].