Carol Vorderman’s anti-ageing secrets – coffee tricks to diet and exercise habits

Carol Vorderman’s anti-ageing secrets – coffee tricks to diet and exercise habits

Carol Vorderman’s anti-ageing secrets – coffee tricks to diet and exercise habits

Carol Vorderman recently attended a juice retreat where she took part in gym sessions, healthy eating and yoga to achieve her goal weight and impress fans with her youthful looks

Carol Vorderman's anti-ageing secrets - coffee tips to diet and exercise habits

Carol Vorderman’s anti-ageing secrets – coffee tips to diet and exercise habits

Carol Vorderman recently impressed fans with snaps of herself in a tiny bikini during her retreat in Portugal.

The television star, 61, always oozes confidence when she takes to her Instagram page to show off the incredible results of her healthy lifestyle.

With abs for days, Carol spends a lot of time making sure the food she eats and the workouts she does are the best options for her body.

Achieving a body like hers came with a lot of work, which include strange diet habits including adding butter to coffee. Here’s how the Countdown star stays so youthful…

Coffee hack

Carol has a few tricks for weight loss


( carolvorders/Instagram)

Last year, she revealed adding butter to coffee has helped her

Last year, the 61-year-old revealed adding a spoonful of butter to her coffee helped transform her intermittent fasting routine.

“I tell you now I have never been less hungry in my life, because of a knob of butter in my coffee in the morning,” Carol said.

“So I’m doing this intermittent fasting thing. I’ve gone 20 hours without food, not felt a little bit hungry and I’m now having proper bacon – not the rubbish kind – and fresh, fresh, local eggs, everything local and I can’t wait.

She added: “And I’m dropping the weight. It’s brilliant this.”

Adding butter to coffee is a popular technique for those aiming to lose weight by ketosis. Fans say it helps them feel full and curbs cravings.

Exercise routine

The star sticks to an exercise routine


( @carolvorders/Instagram)

She even has a personal trainer


( Instagram)

Carol routinely shares her workouts, which include gym sessions and outside activities, on social media.

She recently took to her page to share a snap of herself smiling widely as she posed in a bright orange gym, filled with exercise equipment.

In one photo, Carol is confidently holding her arm up to show off her biceps, while another smiling selfie sees Carol resting her leg on an exercise step.

As Carol shared the images on her Instagram page, she wrote about her exercising routine amid her juice retreat as she explained in the caption: “Spending a fair bit of time in the gym here….learning new routines thanks to @sarahwillingham and @robrinder too,” followed by two flexing bicep emojis and two blue heart emojis.

She added: “BOOOMMMMM” followed by another flexing bicep emoji before adding the hashtags: “#NotGivingUp #Gym #UpperBodyWorkout”.

Carol has used a personal trainer for years, who works her glutes and legs, stretching out her back and hamstrings, three times a week.

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Healthy food

The star shares her meals on social media



She starts the day with yoghurts and grains



According to a diet book by Carol, Eat Yourself Clever, you can actually improve your intelligence with what you have for lunch.

The star swaps starchy sandwiches or fast food for something like a nicoise salad, full of eggs, tuna and leafy green vegetables.

The eggs provide the protein to give her a sense of fullness, the fish is a valuable source of brain-boosting omega-3, while the leaves are a healthy addition to a balanced diet.

She finishes off her midday meal with yoghurt, full of bone-building calcium. It also has protein to keep her satisfied until dinnertime.

Carol recently shared a few of her meals on social media, including her fresh prawns and veg, cooked in soy, dinner as well as her breakfast of fruit and Greek yoghurt, ground seeds and honey.

Juice Retreats

Carol recently went to a Juice Retreat


( carolvorders/Instagram)

The retreats are big with celebrities


( carolvorders/Instagram)

Carol recently flew to Portugal to take part in The Juice Master’s retreat, where prices start from £1,475 a week for your own room.

Branded as a “stunning juice, yoga and fitness retreat”, it takes place in a deep forest location overlooking a river.

A typical day on the boutique retreat includes meditation or wake-up yoga, swimming in the infinity pool, walks, circuit training, spin classes and HIIT workouts.

Guests are also served four healthy juices throughout the day and have the option to add on treatments such as massages, facials, colonics and cryotherapy sessions.

The retreats are put together by self-proclaimed ‘Juice Master’ Jason Vale, who is on a mission to “juice the world”.

The retreat seems to be a huge hit with stars, with Stacey Solomon, Vicky Pattison and former Love Island star Georgia Harrison amongst the brand’s followers on Instagram.

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