Britney Spears is ‘afraid of her father’ and will not perform under his control

Britney Spears is ‘afraid of her father’ and will not perform under his control


Britney Spears is ‘afraid of her father’ and won’t perform under his control

Britney Spears is ‘scared of her dad’ James Spears who has been in control of her personal life and career since her public breakdown 12 years ago

Pop star Britney Spears is scared of her father and will not perform again while he has control over her career, a court has heard.

The claim was made as part of the US singer’s battle to prevent her dad James Spears continuing as her legal guardian.

He began the role 12 years ago after ­Britney’s public breakdown.

Her court-appointed lawyer Samuel Ingham told a judge: “My client has informed me she is afraid of her father.

“She will not perform again if her father is in charge of her career.”

Superior Court Judge Brenda Penny declined to remove James from the role but said she would consider future petitions. Mr Ingham said he would file one.

Britney, 38, put her musical career on hold in early 2019. The singer has gone from being in debt to being worth £45million while under James’ authority, his lawyer told the court in Los Angeles.

The attorney added that removing the dad as guardian – also known in the US as a conservator – would be harmful to the star. Due to health reasons, 68-year-old James was forced to temporarily hand over the reins last year to Britney’s care manager Jodi Montgomery.

The singer “strongly prefers” Ms ­Montgomery to “continue in that role” and is “strongly opposed” to James returning to his position as sole conservator, court documents say. Mr Ingham wrote: “The conservatorship must be changed substantially to reflect the major changes in her lifestyle and her stated wishes.

“Britney is strongly opposed to James’ return as conservator of her person.”

James was named in 2008 as permanent conservator of her person, while lawyer Andrew Wallet became permanent co-conservator of her estate.

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Mr Wallet quit his role last year. Dozens of the singer’s fans gathered outside court chanting “Free Britney”. Some claim she is being manipulated.