Boi-1da Sparks Social Media Debate After Saying Drake Is One Of The Greatest Artists Of This Generation

Boi-1da Sparks Social Media Debate After Saying Drake Is One Of The Greatest Artists Of This Generation

There’s no question Drake has become one of the most influential artists of this generation. And clearly, one of his most frequent collaborators, Boi-1da, agrees with that sentiment.

Hot New Hip Hop picked up on tweets from the producer today in which he hailed Drake as one of the best recording artists of all time. According to the outlet, Boi-1da, after having a couple of drinks, came to bat for Drake on the internet and sparked a debate regarding Drake’s influence on the popular culture as well as his impact on the hip-hop scene.

You can check out one of his tweets below regarding The Weeknd:

While it’s hard to imagine anyone would dispute Drake’s influence on popular music, some have continued to bring up the Quentin Miller scandal, in which it was claimed that Drake had hired a ghostwriter to make his songs for him.

Those involved in the music industry know that such a scandal is hardly a scandal, to begin with, considering many of the best songwriters create tunes for singers, due to their technical prowess as a writer, but lack of skills as a singer. It’s merely a combination of different skill sets.

Put simply, it’s not uncommon at all for songwriters to create songs for artists. In fact, some of the biggest hits of all time were written by outside writers, including Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing,” which was written by Diane Warren.

Since then, social media users have come for Boi-1da and have argued he was out of line in his reasoning. However, Boi-1da shouted out to The Weeknd and Drake, both from Toronto, Canada, who have clearly contributed immensely to popular music over the last decade.

Boi-1da went on to reference the recent gun violence in the city, which has left a number of up and coming stars dead, including the 21-year-old, Houdini. As it was previously reported, the 21-year-old rising star was shot and killed in the entertainment district of Toronto in the middle of the day.