Beckhams’ plans to build lake outside their countryside mansion blocked

Beckhams’ plans to build lake outside their countryside mansion blocked


David and Victoria Beckham’s plans to build lake outside their countryside mansion blocked

David and Victoria Beckham’s dreams of having a sprawling lake in the grounds of their Cotswolds country property have been shattered by West Oxfordshire District Council

David and Victoria Beckham’s plans to dig a lake in the grounds of their epic Cotswolds country pile will not go ahead.

The famous couple – who also own a swish London town house – reportedly submitted plans to have a sprawling lake covering 3,000 square metres built on the land of their plush Oxfordshire retreat but West Oxfordshire District Council has blocked the proposal in order to protect the local wildlife.

The Sun newspaper reports that paperwork putting a stop to any plans for the water feature read: “The loss of the grassland will potentially impact on protected and priority species including amphibians (including great crested newts), reptiles, mammals and ground nesting birds…

“The grassland may also show botanical interest.”

Plans submitted by the former footballer and Spice Girl, prior to the rejection, stated: “The proposed lake (or large pond) will be broadly kidney-shaped and will be situated in the southern half of these grounds, in the lowest-lying part of the site.

“It will be approached and encircled by a mown grass path which will wend its way through newly created gently sloping grass meadowland.

“This will be distinct from the formal lawn closer to the house, which will extend as neatly mown grass down to the northern edge of the lake.”

A representative for the couple declined to comment when approached by MailOnline.

The news comes after it was reported the pair plan to add a wine cellar to their property – and an emergency tunnel to connect them from their house to their luxury car garage.

In planning documents obtained by the Express, the Beckham’s planning agent said: “The proposed development includes a new basement cellar constructed beneath the extension to the existing garage outbuilding with a linked walkway.

“The basement cellar beneath is for storage of wine and the proposed use of the outbuilding is solely in association with the main dwelling house.

“It will improve security for the occupants of the property.

“The proposed [garage] extension adds three new bays to the existing garage outbuilding, increasing the building from four bays to seven.”