‘Andy Murray has a ‘huge swinging kn*b’ according to Rob Beckett

‘Andy Murray has a ‘huge swinging kn*b’ according to Rob Beckett


‘Andy Murray has a ‘huge swinging kn*b’ according to comedian Rob Beckett

Celebs Go Dating narrator Rob Beckett was left speechless when he got a glimpse of Andy Murray’s rather large package

Comedian Rob Beckett has revealed that Andy Murray is rather blessed in the trousers department.

The Celebs Go Dating narrator, who has struck up a close friendship with the tennis professional over the years, got a sneak peak of the sport stars package.

Rob laid eyes on Andy’s huge bulge while on Sky One panel show A League Of Their Own.

The comedian described the 33-year-old as having a “huge kn*b”.

He told The Sun: “I saw it on an X-ray — he’s got a really massive k**b.

“They put an X-ray up, I didn’t realise it, and you can see a massive k**b” Rob joked.

He added: “I felt like, how annoying is that for Tim Henman? Not only has Andy won Wimbledon twice, he’s got this massive k**b swinging about.”

Dad-of-three Sir Andy, who is married to stunning wife Kim, previously shocked fans after surgery on his hip last year.

An X-ray he posted on social media revealed more than he expected.

Rob’s interesting revelation comes after tennis professional Andy expressed his fears that he contracted the coronavirus.

The two-time Wimbledon champion admitted feeling ill prior to the Government-imposed lockdown restrictions.

Despite feeling unwell, Andy did not undergo a test to confirm whether it was Covid-19.

Government advice at the time to anyone displaying symptoms was to self-isolate away from the general public, before the whole country were told to stay at home.

Speaking to CNN, Murray said: “I was a little bit sick for two or three days about four weeks ago.

“So actually, before the beginning of when the quarantine started, I was sort of isolating for probably four or five days before that.

“Most people I’ve spoken to have had some sort of symptoms and felt a little bit sick, but it’s quite difficult to know whether you have actually had the virus or not.”