Alex Polinsky Returns To Social Media — Fails To Address Scott Baio’s Claims He And Nicole Eggert Should Be Prosecuted

Alex Polinsky Returns To Social Media — Fails To Address Scott Baio’s Claims He And Nicole Eggert Should Be Prosecuted

Alex Polinsky has returned to social media after Scott Baio, his wife, Renee Baio, and their friend and digital strategist Brian Glicklich have spent the past two weeks on a social media evidence-dropping spree. Nicole Eggert and Alex Polinsky went public in the early part of 2018 to accuse Scott of emotional and sexual abuse while he was a co-director on the 80s sitcom Charles in Charge. Unlike many Me Too allegations that played out on social media only, Scott isn’t taking this lying down. He has spent the past two years compiling evidence that he says proves Nicole Eggert and Alex Polinsky conspired together and went after Scott for several reasons. For Nicole, they say it was a money grab. For Alex, political motivations and anger over being bullied on the Charles in Charge set are the two reasons given. Though Alex posted a message on Instagram, he didn’t mention Scott Baio’s posts, allegations that he and Nicole conspired together to publicly attack him, or the audio recordings Scott released alleging that it was Willie Aames who exposed himself to Alex and not Scott Baio.

Alex Polinsky shared the following message on Instagram. It is unclear if he was referring to Scott Baio when he spoke about people being in disharmony with others.

“Who are you? You are beautiful beyond words. You are a star. You are the one you’ve been waiting for. You are in control of a heart, mind and body spaceship that can do wonders. Remember to use positive words and you will feel much better as you go through life in these interesting times, and whatever the difficulty It’s not so serious, it’s just important. Let us all wish for good fortune for anyone we are in disharmony with and that will help remove some of the stress and pain of being alive on the earth at this point in history, her-story… our story. Forever endeavor. #Avatarism #positivethought”

During Alex Polinsky’s press conference, he alleged that Scott Baio cut a “glory hole” in a fabric curtain and exposed himself when Alex was a minor. According to new audio recordings that Scott Baio released, no one denied that the incident happened.

An unidentified witness stated that Alex had run out of the room screaming and wanted his dad. The incident was reportedly brought to the Human Resources division and Alex’s father was involved. Alex hasn’t spoken out about the new audio recording that states it was Willie Aames who exposed himself. Alex’s father hasn’t spoken publicly about the incident either.

Since the recording went public, Willie Aames deleted his Instagram account and hasn’t made any public statements on his Facebook.

You may hear Alex Polinsky speak about the incident and accuse Scott Baio of the action in the video player below.

Here is the audio that Scott Baio released featuring the unidentified witness and Alex Polinsky’s former business associate Pam discussing the incident.

Though Nicole Eggert hasn’t addressed Scott Baio’s recent audio recordings, videos, and claims, she did respond to the audio released that it was allegedly Willie Aames who exposed himself to Alex Polinsky when he was underage.

Wow. So Baio admits to sexual abuse on a minor on the set of Charles In Charge in this recording he has posted to his…

Posted by Nicole Eggert on Saturday, July 11, 2020

Scott Baio released a statement saying he wanted the LAPD and the District Attorney’s office to investigate and prosecute Nicole Eggert and Alex Polinsky for filing a false police report against him.

Alex Polinsky shared a photo of himself with voice-over actress Tara Strong where he announced he was helping her with her charity work.

You may see an in-depth article by Brian Glicklich where he presents Scott Baio’s evidence below.

What do you think about the allegations and Alex Polinsky’s statement? Do you think he should address Scott Baio’s claims?

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